Water & Waste Management

Wetland: Karen Roses has created a modern wetland to purify the Pack house runoff water as well as collection of natural rainfall. The wetland comprises of a meandering channels of water forming three major filtration cells which naturally clean the water before returning it back to a well set aside natural biodiversity area. Apart from the functional aspects of the wetland, it is an aesthetically appealing part of the landscape and provides habitat for a variety of birds, frogs, fish, insects and workers to relax.

Reservoirs: While taking advantage of its ecological placement and naturally sufficient rainfall patterns, Karen Roses has managed to establish reservoir capacity to give the boreholes on site a chance to rest.

Karen Roses also has state of the art water recycling programs which currently recycle a proportion of the water used.

Waste Management: With the deterioration of the environment due to pollution, In Karen Roses we do our best to sustain it. We have adopted best practice in the management of all our waste through; composting of vegetative waste, reuse of water in trial crops and reuse of polythene on trial projects and maintenance.